THRIVE: A Journey into Grace

Finding Purpose When Life Brings the Unexpected

A seminar for women declaring that God has created you for a purpose that He wants to fulfill. That doesn’t mean life will always be easy. On the contrary, pain is a part of life on earth and God can take the pain-filled tragedies of life and turn them to good in your life. It won’t happen all at once. It’s a journey–a journey into Grace. But you CAN thrive again!

From personal experience, our speakers will share how they are traveling their own Journeys into Grace. They’ll present practical helps and steps that you can take along your Journey. They share with you God’s resources. Presentations conclude with an informal question and answer time.



Darlene Sala, author of Created for a Purpose, leads the team, and reminds each woman that she has been put here on this earth for a unique purpose, addressing our doubts in light of the devastating circumstances of life. For more about Darlene see here.

Luisa AmpilLuisa Ampil, author of What Women Can Do When Life Falls Apart, did not expect to raise twin daughters on her own, nor did she know she would experience the incredible riches of God’s provision or the love of a fluffy little dog named Newman. Luisa is Media Director of Guidelines International Ministries.

Bonnie Sala wasn’t expecting to travel the painful journey of an abusive and adulterous marriage.  But her journey has been marked by the incredible presence, comfort and deliverance of the living God and his Word! Bonnie is President of Guidelines International Ministries and has two adult sons.

Additional speakers share personal journeys on a wide variety of topics.

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Questions For The THRIVE Team

Q.  For those witnessing marital abuse, when is the best time to interfere or offer help? Even if the “victim” is not even sure/confused that she needs help?

A.  Read Bonnie’s answer here

Q.  I have already forgiven my husband’s wrong but every time the past comes up, the pain is still there. How can I deal with it? 

A.  Read Luisa’s answer here