What to Do When You Can’t Go On

ELISABETHThis month we remember the life of Elisabeth Elliot Gren, 1926-2015.  A woman whose unflagging faith and courage carried her through the loss of two husbands, missionary work and Bible translation among the Auca and Quichua peoples of Equador and decades of challenging the world with her speaking and prolific writing.

“Just do the next thing” was the advice missionary author Elisabeth Elliot gave to her daughter, Valerie, when she called on the phone one morning at a point of desperation. Homeschooling mother of eight, Valerie had reached the end of her resources. “What do I do, Mom? I just can’t go on.”

“Just do the next thing!” her mother counseled her.

I can totally relate to Valerie. And I don’t even have eight kids! But many a time I’ve been at that breaking point when I felt I couldn’t clean up another sticky mess or tackle another pile of laundry or answer another email. But “do the next thing”? Most times I felt more like sitting down to watch a mindless movie on TV than to “do the next thing.” [Read more…]